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R Programming Training in Bangalore Course Description

Hi, I want to have the best training on statistical data analytics with R programming. Can you provide me the course details?

Hi, Welcome to TIB Academy. We are one of the best R programming training institutes in Bangalore. We can certainly offer you high quality training with placement assistance.

May I know your current profile, so I can get to understand you a bit and assist you in the right way.

I have completed my M.Sc Applied statistics in 2016. Now, I’m working in a startup as “Desktop support engineer” for the last 8 months. I’m not interested to work on that field. I want to continue my career related to the statistics. So, I’m planning to go for a statistical analytics course.

That’s great.

R is an open source and powerful statistic-based tool. It can perform data analysis and statistical computing to examine the data and its behaviour. It involves in data analyzation (cleaning), data visualization and data presentation (reporting). Most of the companies are now moving to R compared to SAS (licensed version) due to its highlighting features such as open source availability, easy coding syntax (style) and its high performance. R-Shiny is also an analytical language exclusively for web applications.

Oh that’s nice to know. Is there any prerequisite to learn Machine Learning?

Statistical knowledge and basic understanding of a programming language or coding syntax would be enough for you to learn R.

As you are already familiar with the above mentioned concepts, this course will be quite easy for you to learn and grasp the concepts quickly. Otherwise, we are here to help you from the basics.

Great! What do you cover in the R programming training in Bangalore?

Our R programming course syllabus is designed by highly experienced professionals. Some of the concepts covered are data manipulation, data importing, classified algorithms, statistical concepts, supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, modeling, patterns, regression techniques and lot more. Please check below for a detailed syllabus.

What sort of trainers do you have? Are they full time trainers with you?

No, Absolutely not! All our trainers are industrial experts, working in MNCs and top Corporates. They are highly qualified and have years of experience in handling real-time issues in the IT environment. They will guide you, coach you and train you to become a seasoned data scientist.

That’s really good, can I expect any project and placement support from your end?

Our R programming language classroom training in Bangalore will surely help you from basics until a project using R. The entire course will be equipped with regular hands-on and live project. Our trainers are dealing with real-time scenarios in their workplace. So you can gain the complete project guidance from our industrial experts as per your requirements.

Our project support and interview preparation sessions throughout the course and at the end of the session will boost your confidence and our connections to the job world will help you achieve the job you wish, provided you put your sincere efforts and grab the opportunities.

OK great! What are the class timings?

We can train to students’ convenience by taking both R programming classroom training and advanced R programming online training. Our training schedule will be during early mornings, late evenings and weekends, as trainers are not available during working weekday hours.

We are operating from Marathahalli providing the best R programming course in Bangalore with placement support.

R Programming Training Duration

Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)

Duration: 30 – 35 hrs.

Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Duration: 4 weeks

Fast Track Training Program (5+ hours daily)

Duration: within 15 days.

R Programming Training in Bangalore Features

  • Backup R Programming Classes
  • Experienced R Programming Trainers
  • R Programming Online Training
  • R Programming Classroom Training
  • R Programming Corporate Training
  • Affordable R Programming Training Cost
  • R Programming Course Completion Certification
  • Personality Development Training
  • Hands-on Training
  • Resume Preparation
  • Career Counselling
  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Support
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking Facility

Call to Training in Bangalore (TIB Academy)

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classroom training in bangalore
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R Programming Training in Bangalore Syllabus

Introduction to R

  • What is R?
  • Why R?
  • Installing R
  • R environment
  • How to get help in R
  • R console and Editor

Understanding R data structure

  • Variables in R
  • Vectors
  • Matrices
  • List
  • Data frames
  • Using Cbind, Rbind, attach and detach functions in R

Importing data

  • Reading Tabular Data files
  • Reading CSV files
  • Importing data from excel
  • Access database
  • Saving in R data
  • Loading R data objects
  • Writing to files

Manipulating Data

  • Selecting rows/observations
  • Selecting columns/fields
  • Merging data
  • Relabeling the column names
  • Converting variable types
  • Data sorting
  • Data aggregation

Using functions in R

  • Commonly used Mathematical Functions
  • Commonly used Summary Functions
  • Commonly used String Functions
  • User defined functions
  • local and global variable

R Programming

  • While loop
  • If loop
  • For loop
  • Arithmetic operations

Charts and Plots

  • Box plot
  • Histogram
  • Pie graph
  • Line chart
  • Scatter plot

Statistics with R

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics

Supervised Machine Learning

  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression

Unsupervised Machine Learning

  • Decision Tree
  • Random Forest

Classification Algorithm

  • Clustering
  • PCA analysis
  • Association Rule(Market Basket Analysis)

Text Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis

Advanced R

  • R-shiny Web application
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