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Soft Skill Training in Bangalore

TIB Academy is the best soft skill training institute in Bangalore offering the best training and support on various soft skill courses in the emotional world. Our entire training will be equipped with lots of concepts and interesting interactive activities.

Do soft skills really make a difference?

“Soft Skills” are skills that involve a person’s Emotional Intelligence. This is a recent buzzword being used in the Corporate and Business Sector. These are the personal traits of a person that forms our relationship with others. Soft skills” are the ability to work with others, using the right brain. It is also called as interpersonal or social skills. Now the world has come to fully understand the power of soft skill programs at work place

Some of the courses that we offer are  Communication skills, Presentation skills, Planning, Time management, Goal oriented, Conflict management, Organizing, Project management, Motivation, Goal Setting, Constructive feedback and resume preparation.

Come and enjoy learning with our academy.