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Become a Master in Web Designing and Web Development Soon!!!

TIB Academy offering this Master Program, exclusively for the freshers/beginners who are willing to scale-up their knowledge from Zeroth level to advanced level.
Via our Advanced Web Development Master Course Program, we are exploring our students to different trending technologies (HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, AngularJS, TypeScript, Angular 5, PHP and MySQL) to inspire a complete developer in you.

Exclusive Free Benefits of Our Advanced Web Development Master Program

  1.   Free Career Counselling
  2.   Mini POC (2 Projects)
  3.   Assessments (3)
  4.   Resume Building (2 level)
  5.   Mock-up Interview sessions
  6.   Technical Meetups (2 sessions)

Advance Web Development Training in Bangalore

Our Advanced Web Development Master Course Program

Below mentioned is our Master Course Content that includes HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, TypeScript, Angular2/4, jQuery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL.

  Introduction to HTML
  Creating an HTML Document
  Paragraph Formatting with HTML
  Character Formatting with HTML
  Comparing Procedural and Descriptive Formatting
  Adding Local and Remote Links
  Adding Internal Links with the Named Anchor Tag
  Linking and Embedding Graphics
  Creating Lists and Nested Lists
  Creating and Modifying Tables
  Creating Advanced Table Elements
  Setting Background and Text Colors
  Web Page Design Guidelines
  Links to Non-Web Internet Services
  New structures / tags
  Inline Elements
  Support for dynamic pages
  Form types
  Deprecated code
  Anatomy of a CSS ruleset
  Selecting multiple elements
  Different types of a selector
  Fonts and text
  Boxes, boxes, it’s all about boxes
  Changing the page color
  Sorting the body out
  Positioning and styling our main page title
  Centering the image
  Backgrounds and Borders
  Image values and replaced Content
  Text Effects
  2D/3D Transformations
  Multiple Column Layout
  User Interface
  What is JavaScript?
  What is AJAX?
  The development workflow
  Selecting the right tools for the job
  Just enough HTML and CSS
  Understanding variables
  Making comparisons
  Understanding events
  Writing your first script
  Internal vs. external scripts
  Using comments in scripts
  Using the noscript tag in HTML
  Understanding conditional statements
  Getting confirmations from users
  Creating prompts for users
  Understanding functions
  Making links smarter
  Using switch/case statements
  Handling errors
  Getting started
  Creating loops
  Passing values to functions
  Detecting objects
  Reading arrays
  Returning values from functions
  Writing arrays
  Building do and while loops
  Re-using functions
  Creating jump menus
  Creating dynamic menus
  Requiring fields
  Cross-checking fields
  Displaying more informative errors
  Verifying radio button selections
  Setting one field with another field
  Verifying email addresses
  Responding to window events
  Responding to mouse movements
  Responding to mouse clicks
  Responding to onBlur form events
  Responding to onFocus form events
  Responding to keyboard events
  Demystifying cookies
  Writing a cookie
  Reading a cookie
  Displaying a cookie
  Counting with cookies
  Deleting cookies
  Handling multiple cookies
  Cookies in action
  Understanding the DOM
  Adding nodes to the DOM
  Deleting nodes from the DOM
  Deleting specific nodes
  Inserting nodes into the DOM
  Replacing nodes in the DOM
  Displaying dates
  Displaying times
  Creating a countdown
  Creating sliding menus
  Creating pop-up menus
  Creating slideshows with captions
  Creating a stylesheet switcher
  Collections of Object (non-generic)
  For-each Loop
  Processing Items With an Iterator
  More About Generics
  The mobile space today
  Native vs. web, is really a question?
  What is JQM?
  What is not jQM?
  What is a webapp?
  Why jQM?
  HTML5 in a small nutshell
  Why HTML5?
  What do we need to know about HTML5 for jQM
  Basic template
  Testing HTML5 documents
  Emulators, Simulators & more
  Viewports on mobile browsers
  Custom data-* attributes
  Self hosted vs. CDNs
  Main template
  CDNs available
  Main template
  Support on IDEs
  Headers and footers basics
  Mandatory items in a page
  Working with HTML in the content
  Internal page navigation
  External page navigation
  Understanding AJAX on mobile browsers
  Absolute external links
  Mobile Special links
  Integration with the Phone
  Customizing toolbars
  Positioning toolbars
  Navigation Bars
  Persistent footers and navigation
  Collapsible content
  Working with columns
  Creating buttons
  Inline buttons
  Grouped buttons
  Custom icons
  Creating lists
  Full-page vs inset-lists
  Visual separators
  Nested lists
  Interactive rows
  Split button rows
  Row icons
  Count bubbles
  Aside content
  Title and Description
  Filtering data
  AJAX vs. non-AJAX forms
  Automatic form behaviour
  Field containers
  Text fields
  Slider switch
  Select menus
  UI Select menus
  Radio Buttons
  File Upload
  Validation using HTML5
  Using jQuery inside jQuery Mobile
  $.mobile element
  The mobileinit event
  Configuring defaults
  Touch events
  Orientation events
  Scroll events
  Page events
  Virtual mouse events
  Managing navigation through JavaScript
  Bringing JSON data to jQuery Mobile
  Updating form controls
  Updating lists
  Implementing Infinite list pattern
  Using plugins
  The top 5 plugins for jQuery Mobile
  Creating our own plugin
  Plugin architecture
  Understanding CSS architecture
  Define our own CSS patch
  Changing CSS behavior
  Using Web Storage and WebSQL
  Using geolocation
  The offline manifest
  Full-screen webapps for iOS
  What is a hybrid
  PhoneGap vs other alternatives
  Packaging a sample application
  Grid System
  Helper classes
  Dynamic Binding
  Form Validations
  Custom Directives
  Making an API Call
  Dependency Injection
  Features of Typescript
  Why use Typescript
  Component of Typescript
  Typescript – Environment Setup
  Basic Syntax (Compiler Flags, Identifiers & Object Orientation)
  Inferred Typing in Typescript
  Variable Declaration Types
  Tuples, Enum, Nullable, Union (New types in Typescript)
  Typescript Decision making conditions
  Typescript Function
  Inheritance and Constructor
  Static properties and Methods
  Abstract Class
  Private Constructor and Singletons
  Namespace Modules
  Angular Environment Setup (Angular CLI)
  Angular Project Setup
  Dependency Injection
  Data Binding
  Event Binding
  Directives & Custom pipe (Structural or Attribute directives)
  Pipe & Custom pipe
  Observables & Rxjs
  What is PHP?
  The history of PHP
  Why choose PHP?
  Installation overview
  Embedding PHP code on a page
  Outputting dynamic text
  The operational trail
  Inserting code comments
  String functions
  Numbers part one: Integers
  Numbers part two: Floating points
  Associative arrays
  Array functions
  NULL and empty -Type juggling and casting –Constants
  Control Structures: Logical Expression
  Control Structures: Loops
  User-Defined Functions
  Building Web Pages with PHP
  Working with Forms and Form Data
  Working with Cookies and Sessions
  MySQL Basics
  Building a Content Management System (CMS)
  Using Site Navigation to Choose Content
  Application CRUD
  Building the Public Area
  Regulating Page Access
  Advanced PHP Techniques
  Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  OOP in Practice
  Sending Emails

Fee and Duration of Advanced Web Design and Development Program

Course Content Duration Actual Fees Special Offer Fees


20 hours 9750 5000


20 hours 11750 5000

JavaScript + AngularJS

25 hours 14500 10000

TypeScript + Angular 5

25 hours 14500 12000

jQuery + Ajax

25 hours 14500 12000


25 hours 14500 10000

Actual Course Fee: INR 79500         Discounted Fee: INR 54000

Advanced Web Development Job Opportunities in Bangalore

Profile Key Skills Required
Junior Web Designer
  • Strong knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap, Javascript
  • Web Development Basics
PHP Developer
  • Strong PHP
  • MySQL database
  • PHP MVC framework
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Angular Developer
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • Angular 5
UI Developer / Front-End Developer
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • TypeScript
  • AngularJS
  • Angular 5

Advanced Web Development Course Schedule

Course Details
Coures Name Class time Availablity
WeekDays 1 and ½ hours 7 AM to 10 AM
WeekEnds 3 hours 3 PM to 6 PM

Companies that are hiring Web Developers

Accenture, Wipro, Capgemini, Reliance, Sonata, DELL, FIITJEE, Info Edge, Atos, Cyient, NIIT, L&T, Cactus Communications, Ernst & Young, Infogain