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Oracle DBA Training in Bangalore Course Description

Hi, Can you explain the benefits of Oracle DBA Training in Bangalore and the price of the course?

Hi, Welcome to TIB Academy. Yes, we can certainly help you with Oracle DBA training from the best Oracle DBA training institutes in Bangalore.

May I know your current profile, so I can understand you and give you relevant information? Are you working currently?

Actually, I am a fresher, I passed out in 2016 April. I have done my BE in E.C.E stream. My friend suggested me to learn Oracle DBA. So, I am looking for the best Oracle DBA course in Bangalore with affordable course fees.

Ok, sure. You are in the right place. Our courses are reasonably priced. Oracle is an evergreen database technology. It can be easily learnt by a fresher.

But coming to the point of Oracle DBA, the opportunity rate is negligible in the market for a fresher.

In the Company’s perspective, an Oracle DBA role should have the appropriate DB knowledge, capable to handle DB issues and willing to take up DB management responsibilities.

You are a budding engineer now, so you need some experience (at least 2 years) to get ready with all the prerequisites to become a DBA expert.

Before proceeding to Oracle DBA, gain adequate knowledge on Oracle SQL and PL/SQL to build a strong foundation. As you are fresher, if you are skilled with SQL, then there is high chance of getting jobs as Oracle developer. So utilize this opportunity to acquire as much of live knowledge and experience on database technology. Then after few years, you can switch over to your prefered DBA profile.

Oh, thanks for letting me know. Will your course be the best DBA course in Bangalore? What do you cover in the training course?

Our Oracle DBA training course syllabus is designed by expert professionals. They can help you from basics of creating a database.

Our Oracle DBA course will cover the concepts of DB architecture, storage, security, backup, recovery, flashback, globalization and DB corruption.

Please check below for a detailed syllabus. Our interview preparation sessions throughout the course and at the end of the session will boost your confidence. Provided you put your sincere efforts, you can grab the right opportunity.

What sort of trainers do you have? Are they full time trainers with you?

No, Absolutely not! All our trainers are industrial experts, working in MNCs and top Corporates. They are very experienced and they will guide you, coach you become a seasoned Oracle DBA.

OK great! What are the class timings?

Our training schedule will be during early mornings, late evenings and weekends, as they are not available during working weekday hours. And we can help you with Oracle DBA online training or Oracle DBA classroom training. Come and check it out for yourself.

Oracle DBA Training Duration

Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)

Duration: 30 – 35 hrs.

Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Duration: 5 weeks

Fast Track Training Program (5+ hours daily)

Duration: within 20 days.

Oracle DBA Training in Bangalore Features

  • Backup Oracle DBA Classes
  • Experienced Oracle DBA Trainers
  • Oracle DBA Online Training
  • Oracle DBA Classroom Training
  • Oracle DBA Corporate Training
  • Affordable Oracle DBA Training Cost
  • Oracle DBA Course Completion Certification
  • Personality Development Training
  • Hands-on Training
  • Resume Preparation
  • Career Counselling
  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Support
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking Facility

Call to Training in Bangalore (TIB Academy)

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Oracle DBA Training in Bangalore Syllabus

Introduction (Database Architecture)

  • Describe course objectives
  • Explore the Oracle 10g database architecture

Installing the Oracle Database Software

  • Explain core DBA tasks and tools
  • Plan an Oracle installation
  • Use optimal flexible architecture
  • Install software with the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)

Creating an Oracle Database

  • Create a database with the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
  • Create a database design template with the DBCA
  • Generate database creation scripts with the DBCA

Managing the oracle Instance

  • Start and stop the Oracle database and components
  • Use Enterprise Manager (EM)
  • Access a database with SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus
  • Modify database initialization parameters
  • Understand the stages of database startup
  • View the Alert log
  • Use the Data Dictionary

Managing Database Storage Structures

  • Describe table data storage (in blocks)
  • Define the purpose of tablespaces and data files
  • Understand and utilize Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
  • Create and manage tablespaces
  • Obtain tablespace information
  • Describe the main concepts and functionality of Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

Administering user Security 

  • Create and manage database user accounts
  • Authenticate users
  • Assign default storage areas (tablespaces)
  • Grant and revoke privileges
  • Create and manage roles
  • Create and manage profiles
  • Implement standard password security features
  • Control resource usage by users

Managing schema objects

  • Define schema objects and data types
  • Create and modify tables
  • Define constraints
  • View the columns and contents of a table
  • Create indexes, views and sequences
  • Explain the use of temporary tables
  • Use the Data Dictionary
  • Manage data through SQL
  • Monitor and resolve locking conflicts

Managing undo data

  • Explain DML and undo data generation
  • Monitor and administer undo
  • Describe the difference between undo and redo data
  • Configure undo retention
  • Guarantee undo retention
  • Use the undo advisor

Implementing Oracle database security

  • Describe DBA responsibilities for security
  • Apply the principal of least privilege
  • Enable standard database auditing
  • Specify audit options
  • Review audit information
  • Maintain the audit trail
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